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  • Bramidan mill size baler with plastic and cardboard

    Donson Machine starts recycling program with Bramidan 60" baler

    Midwest machine shop saves time & money since buying Bramidan B6030.

  • Cardboard bale coming out of galvanized baler

    X25 Galvanized baler for special demands

    When a special surface treatment is required for handling waste.

  • B6030 with cylinders lowered fits through 8 foot dock door

    Mill-size baler B6030 with wide feed opening

    Fits through 8 foot dock door when cylinders are lowered for transport.

  • B5 W baler for cardboard waste

    Bramidan is one of the leading suppliers of waste handling solutions

    We develop and produce reliable and user-friendly balers for cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials.

  • X10 baler for compacting cardboard boxes

    Extremely low noise level - only 59 dB

    Chicago Coding Systems found a solution with a new baler. ROI in less than 20 months.

    Read more - click here!

  • Cardboard bales from reliable and user-friendly balers

    Highest level of safety

    The finished bale is ejected with a safe two-hand operation, placed on the right side of the machine.

  • GSM solution for your baler

    Get a GSM Wireless Modem solution for your baler

    Whether you are the operator, a recycler, or a service company, you'll get assistance with daily waste handling.

  • Seggelund Cafeteria had success with a trial baler

    Get a FREE TRIAL - our way of ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our machines! 

    Try a Bramidan baler for FREE for 14 days. Contact us for a FREE EVALUATION of your current waste solution.

3 Steps for Finding the Right Waste Handling Solution

Your Industry

Your Industry

Tell us which business you are in, and we will help you find the best and most profitable solution for your waste handling.

Waste Types

Waste Types

Do you handle bulky waste materials? We can help you find the best way to compact all types of recyclable waste materials.



Our balers are reliable and user-friendly machines of the highest quality on the market.

News & Events


Midwest electronic company updated their baling solution

The Indiana based factory purchased a Bramidan mill-size baler for compaction of cardboard.


Denim manufacturer, Citizenz of Humanity, combats cardboard waste

With a B6030 baler employees no longer need to break down cardboard boxes and save many hours of work.


Bramidan launches Intelligent Vertical Baler Monitoring Solution

BRA-IN, short for Bramidan Intelligence, allows for monitoring and optimization of your balers.


Double chamber baler has arrived in the US

Introducing the MC4 dual chamber vertical baler for cardboard and dry solid waste. Our new machine now allows you to bale numerous waste types at once.


Method Home Soapbox installed two B6030 balers

Inefficient waste handling was turned into environmental benefits and cost savings.


Small Bailer for Compacting Fur

Fur supplier practices innovative thinking by investing in a small vertical baler.


Bedding manufacturer invests in medium size baler

Baling cardboard in a Bramidan vertical baler allowed for increased productivity for textile maker.


Restaurant Saves Time and Money by Baling Recyclable Waste

A well-known steakhouse installed a small, low profile baler for compacting cardboard.


Hotel Artus installs Vertical Baler Recycling Solution

After installing a small B3 baler, Hotel Artus was able to implement a recycling program that allowed them to maintain cleanliness.