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Due to competent management and dedicated employees Bramidan has expanded into an international company with a strong network of distributors. Become part of the Bramidan family and join the success!
No problem is too much trouble for them.
Mr Neil Bone, Managing Director
Wastech Engineering - Australia
We were confident that Bramidan could help us reach a market leading position.
Mr Kim Dae-Sik, Managing Director
Kwanglim - South Korea
Yes, I consider becoming a distributor!
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An active partnership that focuses on your succes

Bramidan is more than just a supplier of machines that compact waste. This is the easy part, because what we do is actually quite simple: We take things that are unnecessarily big and make them small.

By doing so we help our customers and partners grow. We show them how to think small and achieve big results, and as a Bramidan distributor so can you.

Bramidan – and your business andvantage

As a Bramidan distributor, what really adds value to your bottom line is our commitment to make it as easy as possible for you to sell our high quality solutions. You can trust us to do our best to make your sales efforts as effective as possible.

Testimonials from our existing distributors

Mr Neil Bone, Managing Director
Wastech Engineering - Australia

“The Bramidan team has always been very supportive, they do not sign you up and leave you on your own. Their marketing assistance and product training are second to none and have assisted achieve our success to date. Bramidan has always been responsive with enquiries, delivery and product support. No problem is too much trouble for them.”

Mr Philippe Missionier

Managing Director Axiome - France

“Our cooperation is profitable for both companies, as we believe that it takes time and commitment to develop, organize and build a strong coverage of the French baler market. This is very important because Axiome’s clients need to know they get the best possible quality of products and services.”

Mr Tiberiu Schuster, Managing Director

Schuster - Romania

I already knew other brands within balers, but found at Bramidan the best balance between quality and price. Also, Bramidan offer a wide range of balers that we consider are much better suited to our market than competing products. Our clients usually want a good machine at a good price and Bramidan can offer this.”

Mr Kim Dae-Sik, Managing Director

Kwanglim - South Korea

"As we have entered the South Korean market later than many of our competitors, we have been forced to approach the market more strategically. After investigating our options, we decided to focus on cooperating with a company that specialized on a specific product line, in this case vertical balers. We were confident that Bramidan could help us reach a market leading position."