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Well known restaurant finds perfect fit with the B4 vertical baler

The baler is small but very efficient. It's great that it fits in our small back alley so that everyone can use it
Christian Engbirk, Manager

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Restaurant worker throws cardboard into small footprint Bramidan baler

Café Drudenfuss trials the new Bramidan B4 baler for free.

Café Drudenfuss, a popular restaurant in Aarhus, Denmark, was in search of a small cardboard baler. Before investing in a machine, they chose to do a free trial to make sure it was a good match for them.

With limited space for storage and low height restrictions, the B4 bailer was the perfect size.

Perfect for Small Spaces

At just 78 in. tall and 37 in. wide, the small footprint of the B4 allows for easy installation in facilities that are short on space.

For Café Drudenfuss, the only space available for storing their baler was a tight corner in their back alley next to their roofed back gate entrance. Employees can easily access the machine when needed.

Baler on Free Trial

For small family-owned businesses like Café Drudenfuss, a new vertical baler is a significant investment. By starting a free trial with Bramidan Balers, you are able to test out the B4 before making a full investment.

For more information on a free trial, contact us at 312-261-6006 or We'd be happy to help you find the right baling solution for your needs.

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Man serves café latte to male guest at Café Drudenfuss