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Canadian luxury hotel improves waste handling with Bramidan baler

Waste compaction enables the hotel chains to achieve significant productivity gains while improving the environmental image of each establishment.
Jean-Michel Pinguet
President, Solrec Concept Inc.
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X10 HD baler helps Montreal, Canada based hotel reduce the number of waste pickups each week

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, luxury hotels, Le Crystal and St. Sulpice, have seen a significant reduction in their waste handling costs. Since purchasing a Bramidan X10 HD baler, the number of pickups has decreased, while the efficiency of their waste handling has increased.

High standards for customer satisfaction

The hotel, Le Crystal, situated near the busy intersection of La Montagne and Boulevard René Lévesque, is home to 131 suites. It also includes a state of the art spa and fitness center, renowned bistro and bar, as well as a large event space.
Hot tub on rooftop of hotel
With such a large capacity, the hotel generates an abundance of recyclable waste, such as cardboard and plastic. Prior to installing the heavy-duty bailer, they were storing their waste in bins outside. It was then picked up several times a week.

Le Crystal Hotel has high standards when it comes to providing high quality service to their clientele. Along with that, comes the desire to simplify and optimize the management of waste inside the hotel. After searching for a solution, Le Crystal Owner and Manager found that a Bramidan bailer allowed them to optimize their recycling efforts and manage waste more efficiently.

X10 bramidan baler in hotel with cardboard

Low profile, heavy-duty baler

The hotel management chose to install a low profile Bramidan.  X10 HD baler to compact their cardboard. Since the storage space inside of the hotel is limited, they were in need of a machine that took up very little space. The X10 HD was a perfect fit. It  takes is easy-to-use and runs on standard 110-volt power. With a quick and easy installation, the machine was immediately up and running safely.


Drastic reduction in number of pickups

On top of the improvements in workflow, the baler has also allowed for a cleaner work work environment. Where loose material was once stored, the space is now clear. At the same time, the staff is now able to spend time focusing on their tasks, rather than breaking down boxes. Due to the low noise levels, their work is undisturbed.

Most importantly, the X10 HD has allowed the hotel to lower the overall costs of waste handling. The number of pickups was reduced by 75%.

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Green Key Initiative

The investment in the baler supports Le Crystal’s eco-responsible commitment. The hotel is a member of the Green Key initiative – a voluntary eco-label for hospitality businesses that are committed to adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Being a Green Key member means that the hotel has taken important steps to protect the environment. This includes implementing solid environmental programs, better management methods, training programs and technical solutions to protect the environment and the local community.

Outside of Montreal hotel

Eco Awards

The hotel received the 2016 Hotelia Awarad for their achievements in eco-friendly hospitality initiatives.

Second baler at sister hotel

Since Le Crystal was extremely satisfied with the Bramidan X10 HD baler, they decided to install another at their sister hotel, St. Sulpice in Old Montreal.

Tables and curtains inside of hotel