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Drum Crusher

The Bramidan Drum Crusher is designed for compression of empty drums without explosive contents.
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Crush Steel Drums with a Drum Press

  1. Designed to crush standard 55 gallon steel drums
  2. Spikes in the press plate puncture the drum and remove air
  3. Crush down to 4" in height
  4. Safety interlock door prevents operation while door is open
  5. Meets and exceeds ANSI Standards Z245.5 and OSHA Safety Standards. UL® and CUL® Approved Control Panel

Available Option

Fluid collection reservoir for 7 gallons under the chamber
Woman operating drum press and crushing steel drums
With the ability to reduce the overall volume of each steel drum by up to 90%, the drum crusher greatly reduces the amount of space required for waste storage. Once compressed, drums are reduced to a height of 4 inches. They are then able to be stacked on top of each other, allowing for easy storage and waste removal.

Details about the Drum Press

Notice: During transport the press will be sent laying on a pallet.