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Horizontal balers

Horizontal balers are the largest baling machines in the market. For compaction of waste when you need continous loading of tons and tons of cardboard or plastic waste.
Horizontal channel balers
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We supply Heavy Duty balers:
  1. Low noice level
  2. Compact high density bales

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Image_HC30 machine only
Horizontal baler for compaction of 50-150 tons waste per month.
Image_emergency stop
Woman pulls emergency stop on horizontal baler.
Image_HC30 og JLA
Man pulls cardboard bale from manual tie horizontal baler.
Image_upper wire magazine
Upper wire magazine for wire strapping on auto tie horizontal baler.
Image_fill in cardboard KLA and JLA
Cardboard boxes are filled continously into an auto tie horizontal baler.

Continous feeding and huge capacity

Horizontal balers are used for large scale compaction of waste. They are typically used at recycling facilities, distribution centers and large retail outlets.
  1. Manual tie Horizontal balers
    Closed door balers for 50-150 tons waste per month. Bales are tied manually. 
  2. Auto Tie Horizontal balers
    Often fed by a conveyer system. Bales are tied automatically.
    Compacting >150 tons waste per month.
  1. Two Ram Horizontal Balers
    Most powerful horizontal balers on the market. For high density bales.

A reliable supplier

Bramidan works with a number of different dealers and manufacturers of horizontal balers, and we are always able to get the customer in contact with a local company.
Contact us and let us help you choose a reliable supplier in your area.
Large horizontal baler with cardboard bales on bale slides Large horizontal baler with cardboard bales on bale slides


See video - Horizontal balers