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After Sales Services

With our after sales service we aim to keep our customers satisfied with their investment throughout the lifetime of our machines.
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I am interested in a service contract with a yearly check of our machines.
Service guy connects laptop to baler to find and clear malfunctions Laptop is connected to baler to find errors and help maintenance

Special advanced control unit

Our machines are equipped with a special control unit with a new electronic interface, enabling the service engineer to determine a quick and precise diagnosis of possible errors and solve any service problems quickly and efficiently.

The service engineer connects his laptop and receives all digital information from the machine, which allows him to find possible errors or malfunctions. Using this new technique, the service engineer's visit will be very short and effective, saving time and money for every part involved.

Remote service

Our machines can also be equipped with a modem for remote service, which makes it possible for our distributors to access the control unit from a remote location.

This is a huge advantage for our customers, giving them quick, local, and reliable service.
Service guy and tool box in front of yellow Bramidan baler Blue tool box placed in front of yellow baler

Spare parts

We are committed to ensuring you the availability or replacement of spare parts for a minimum period of 10 years after a product has been phased out. Often most parts are available much longer than this because we want to keep our balers working for as many ýears as possible. Contact your local distributor to order spare parts.

Prompt deliveries

We have a Central Parts Store at Bramidan Headquarters and all of our distributors have a local spare part stock. We offer different delivery methods. Urgent orders placed before 12 am can often be at your local distributor by midday next day at the latest. This is a popular service among our customers and a solution we are very proud of.

Useful documentation

You are always able to get well documented operator manuals, service and spare parts manuals etc. In this way we want to help you get the most out of your Bramidan baler.

Contact your local distributor and ask for any of this documentation, you may need.