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Waste Types

Cardboard, plastic and other recyclable materials can be compacted into bales, giving you more free space, better internal logistics, and reduced costs for waste handling.

Light brown cardboard boxes lying in a heap


When compacting cardboard, you achieve up to a 90% reduction in volume.

Folded paper bags with coloured text print


This waste material is mostly identified as shredded material, bags, magazines and newspapers.
Waste of soft clear plastic crumpled togehther


A diverse material, plastic waste comes in many forms with various classifications.
Expanded plastic waste consisting of small white EPS blocks

Expanded Plastic

These are highly valuable waste fractions that are found in many different applications.
Opened and clean metal cans with lid off in a bulk


Light metal types in various applications can be well compacted into bales.
Closewoven textile in light brown colour


Fabrics like clothing for second-hand use can be compacted in a baler.