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  • Female employee puts bags of chips on shelves in supermarket
  • Woman carries electronics along the small appliances’ aisle
  • Woman with pink muscle shirt assembles electronic parts
  • Warehouse worker moves pallet lifter through postal distribution center
  • People standing in line at Burger King to buy fast food
  • View from the deck of a ferry
  • Nurses pushing patient in bed down the hospital’s hallway
  • Two men installing screw compressors at Ikea

Your Industry

Who uses our balers? Our broad product range easily answers the demands of many different businesses.
Woman in blue jeans pushes shopping cart

Retail Food

Retail food businesses focus on sales areas, not warehouse space. Efficient waste handling in the goods reception area frees up space and time for selling.
Man in shirt with two buckets of paint

Retail Non-Food

Retail non-food businesses concentrate on customers and sales areas. Therefore an efficient waste handling in the goods reception area is essential to free up space and time for selling.
Man at Bramidan cardboard baler and woman at Sauer-Danfoss line

Industrial Companies

In today’s business environment every element of a company’s activity has an effect on the bottom line. Inefficient waste handling is time consuming, expensive and takes time and energy from what really matters.
Man in yellow forklift lifting pallet with cardboard boxes

Storage & Logistics

Warehouses and distribution centres are crucial crossroads where time is of the essence. Customers demand clockwork efficiency and there is no room for delays.
Man with luggage talks with hotel receptionist

Hotel & Restaurants

Efficient waste handling improves your hotel or restaurant’s daily efficiency and bottom line performance, and at the same time your guests’ experience.
White cruise ship en route with orange lifeboats

Marine & Offshore

When it comes to waste handling on ships and offshore platforms with more than 15 on board, you must comply with MARPOL Annex 5 and the IMO regulations.
Schoolboy with raised hand and other students studying

Public Sector

The public sector comprises a broad range of services and institutions that supports our safety and well being. All these require fast and efficient waste handling.
Window cleaner suspended by ropes

Facility Management

The success of any waste handling or Facility Management contract depends on your ability to offer value adding and reliable services at the best possible quality.

Facility Management