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Recycling program started at Donson Machine

With the purchase of a B6030 baler, Donson found a cleaner and more economic way to dispose of their waste.
  • Bramidan mill size baler with plastic and cardboard
  • Easy to operate B6030 Bramidan vertical baler
  • Donson Machine in Chicago IL truck outside main building
  • Finished bales of cardboard from Bramidan vertical baler
We used to put our recyclables on a truck and drive it down to the recycler twice a week. Now they pick it up from us once a week
Mike Flores
Shipping Manager

Business advantages
  1. Cut total waste handling costs
  2. Better internal logistics
  3. Improved productivity
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Donson Machine purchased a Bramidan B6030 baler after looking for a better solution for waste disposal. The mill-size baler provided them with a resolution that saves both time and money.

Based in Alsip, IL, just outside of Chicago, Donson Machine is a manufacturer of precision machine parts, specializing in medical applications. The Midwestern machine shop generates large quantities of cardboard and plastic shrink wrap waste during their manufacturing processes.

Recycling Implemented

Previously, Donson Machine did not have a recycling program. The engineers would throw their recyclables into the same dumpster used for garbage. After looking for a way to optimize material handling, they began to sort waste at their facility.

Before purchasing the baler, cardboard and plastic shrink wrap were transported by employees to the local recycler. Mike Flores, Shipping Manager at Donson, says, “We used to put it on a truck and drive it down there twice a week. Now they pick it up from us once a week.” Mill-size bales are placed behind the machine shop until the recycler comes to pick up them. The 60” baler is able to compact cardboard into one industry standard 1,000 pound bale. An added benefit is that they are keeping shrink wrap out of the landfill.

Efficient Waste Handling

The B6030 frees up space in the machine shop that was previously used for garbage, allowing for a larger production area, more efficient waste handling, as well as a cleaner solution. The vertical baler also enables the engineers to focus more of their time on the production line. By eliminating the need to leave their daily tasks to dispose of waste at another location, the baler solution permits the facility to recycle discarded material at its source.

Optimized Material Handling

Bramidan B6030 vertical baler became an unexpected source of income for Donson Machine. Before they baled their recyclables, the manufacturer was not profiting from their waste. Now, they are able to sell their mill-size cardboard bales to the recycler. “We weren’t getting anything for this,” Flores says, pointing to a finished bale, “Now, we’re getting something.” With the time saved on breaking down boxes for the engineers combined with the savings from removing a dumpster, Donson will likely see a return on their investment in no time.