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Industrial Companies

In today’s business environment, every element of a company’s activity has an affect on the bottom line. Inefficient waste handling is time consuming and takes time from what really matters. Therefore waste compaction in Vertical Balers should be seriously considered!
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We wanted to increase the production area, have less waste collections, and to increase safety.
Henning Sørensen
Strategic Purchaser
Sauer- Danfoss

Business Advantages
  1. Cut total waste handling costs
  2. Better internal logistics
  3. Improved productivity
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Compact at source and increase efficiency

Industrial companies receive large amounts of goods to be used in their daily operation. Raw materials and spare parts arrive on pallets, carefully protected by cardboard and often wrapped in soft plastic.

After their contents have been unpacked, empty packaging materials need to be collected, sorted and transported for recycling. Some are also thrown in compactors outside.

Compact waste in Vertical Balers

Bramidan balers enable you to compact and bale your waste directly at the source, inside the production area. This enables you to optimize your internal logistics and free up valuable time for your core business. Efficient internal collection and handling of high-density bales within your facility will quickly be revealed on the bottom line.

One of several advantages for your staff is that they will no longer need to cut and fold empty cardboard boxes or handle bulky plastic. Instead, they can spend more time on their main activities and be more productive.

Potential income from recyclable materials

An additional benefit is that external collection of dumpsters, which are now filled with waste rather than half-full, is easier, less frequent and far more cost efficient. In addition, recyclable waste can be sold, offering a source of income while shortening the return on investment of the baler considerably.

Your business advantage is a faster, smarter and smoother workflow in a safe working environment for your employees.

Make the right choice

Contact Bramidan today and learn how compacting at the waste source can provide you with multiple business advantages. Our highly-skilled sales and service consultants can help you map how your waste is currently handled and suggest the ideal baler solution based on your specific needs.

Streamline your waste logistics

Handling uncompressed waste takes time and is expensive in collection and rental fees. Efficient balers save time, reduce costs and improve productivity.

We can help you choose the right baler solution, so you will not only experience better internal logistics, but also increased revenues on recyclable materials.