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Storage & Logistics

Warehouses and distribution centers are crucial crossroads where time is of the essence. Customers demand clockwork efficiency and there is no room for delays.
  • Forklift operator places pallet with merchandise on shelves in warehouse
  • Man pushes pallet lifter in distribution center filled with parcels
Many service centers would gain a lot if they bought a baler.
Heine Olsen
Store Manager, Statoil

Business Advantages
  1. Reduced costs for waste handling
  2. Optimized working processes
  3. Better internal logistics
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Strengthen the logistics chain with Heavy Duty balers

In dynamic environments, waste can accumulate quickly, as the many different shipments often need to be repacked into smaller units before leaving the facility again.

The resulting empty cardboard boxes, and soft plastic waste can quickly block floor space. This is why it must be disposed of before it gets in the way. In many facilities this involves collecting the waste and carrying it outside to large dumpsters, which are collected regularly. Although doing this does move the waste away from the floor, it also takes time from more important tasks.

By treating waste management as an integrated part of the overall workflow throughout the warehouse, it is possible to optimize internal processes with a clear and tangible positive effect on your bottom line.

Streamline processes

Heavy Duty balers from Bramidan compact waste into high-density bales, enabling you to instantly save time on internal waste handling. By compacting waste close to the source, you reduce the number of trips to the outdoor dumpsters. At the same time, they help you reduce costs related to waste collection and dumpster rental.

Bottom line advantage

Place a Bramidan baler in the stock room and remove your cardboard and soft plastic waste from the sales floor quickly and efficiently.

We can help you choose the right baler solution, so you will not only experience better internal logistics, but also increased revenues on recyclable materials.