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Waste is value at Misericordia Home

The new baler is a great tool of success for the residents. It is very exciting for the staff and residents alike to work together in a dedicated facility that acts responsibly toward its own and greater environment
Jason Goldberg, Recycling Center Manager, Misericordia Home

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Resident puts plastic in Bramidan baler

A Bramidan baler helps Misericordia Home’s residents make a profit on their waste - and learn about environmentally responsible waste handling

Misericordia Home, located in Chicago’s North side neighborhood of Rogers Park, is a large residential campus for people with developmental disabilities.

With roughly 600 residents and 1,000 staff members, they generate a substantial amount of waste. The material includes various grades of cardboard, steel, aluminum and paper.
Front entrance of Misericordia Home

A dedicated recycling center was the dream

Due to the high waste volume, the campus planned to revamp their recycling program for quite some time.

Before the addition of Bramidan’s B6030 baler, Misericordia placed a few smaller balers in various areas around campus. Although they had had a long-term vision of renovating an existing building that would become the recycling center, it was not until purchasing the vertical baler from Bramidan that the idea came to life.

Now, all of their balers and compactors are located in this centralized location.

Improved logistical flow

“The new baler has been instrumental in the logistical flow in our new Recycling Center,” says Jason Goldberg, Misericordia Home’s Recycling Center Manager.

Jason contacted Bramidan after researching reliable mill-size vertical bailers. During a demo at Bramidan’s Chicagoland warehouse, he says the B6030 model was essential in completing the initial phase of their program.

“Because having the new baler has increased our efficiency, both in quality and quantity, we have been able to produce a more constant stream of output regarding our commodities.”

Manager and resident puts plastic in a baler

Turning waste into value

Prior to the B6030 installation, the campus was using a daily pickup service to collect their recyclables. With the help of Waste Diversion Business Advisor, Lydia Kuyawa, from Waste Management Recycle America, they have since found buyers for their waste commodities and non-fiber material. They are now able to generate a small profit.

A tool of success

Most importantly, Jason says, the new Bramidan baler has, “become a great tool of success for Misericordia’s residents regarding the challenging and compensable wage program they have helped to create.

It is very exciting for the staff and residents alike to work together in a dedicated facility that acts responsibly toward its own and greater environment.”

Expanding the recycling program

In the near future, Misericordia Home hopes to expand upon their recycling program. They would like to add collecting, refurbishing and resale of various items, such as furniture, electronics, etc.

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Happy residents and manager posing with a cardboard and a plastic bale