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Baler helps Salvation Army handle clothing donations

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A white Salvation Army truck

The Salvation Army uses a Bramidan B6030 to bale the clothing they receive as donations

Volunteer charity organization, The Salvation Army, in Kankakee, Illinois, receives many clothing donations to support their charity work.

The organization sells the clothing as a commodity to make money to support their charity work.

50 gaylords of donated clothes

The organization was using gaylords to store the donated clothes. With more than 50 full gaylords in their storage facility, they began to run out of space.

In search of a more efficient solution to reduce the volume of stored clothing and clean up their work space, they decided to try a textile baler. The baler solution was suggested by The Salvation Army of Kankakee's Director of Retail Operations, Robert Schumann. Having previously worked at large retail stores, such as Walmart, Robert was well aware of the benefits of baling.
Heaps of cardboard boxes full of stuff

Baler compacts textile for recycling

The Salvation Army decided to invest in a Bramidan B6030 baler. Due to the high press force of the mill-size baler, it is able to compact various materials such as textile or shrink wrap.

Cleaner workspace – and better internal logistics

With a baler on site, all of the donated clothing that previously filled 50 gaylords now equals just two bales. Since all the large gaylords have disappeared from the storage area, the internal logistics at the facility has improved and allowed for a cleaner workspace.
Yellow Bramidan baler with open door in the storage facility

Easy-to-fit and safe baler

Without any moving parts on the outside of the B6030 bailer, The Salvation Army was able to safely place the machine against the wall.

The baler is front operated and has automatic bale ejection. The automatic bale ejection means that there is no going behind the baler to eject the bale. This is both a safety feature and means that the machine can be placed right up against the wall and take up less space.

All of Bramidan's machines meet ANSI Standards Z245.5 and OSHA Safety Standards and can be operated safely by all employees regardless of age, background, and technical skills. The control panels are UL® and CUL® approved.

According to Robert, this baler is also much more quiet than any other baler he has worked. The staff is able to work without interruptions, even when the baler is being operated.

Key account

The Salvation Army is part of a key account agreement with Bramidan Balers.

See all benefits and safety features of the B6030

A large pile of cardboard boxes full of clothes and other stuff
The storage facility before installing the baler

The entrance of a Salvation Army thrift store and donation center
The entrance of a Salvation Army thrift store and donation center

A bale of colorful clothes being ejected from the baler
ll of the donated clothes are made into bales